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Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Subject:a sneak peak at Ziggy
Time:6:04 pm.

That's me as Ziggy doing a prat fall. Just a little peak into our production!

Speaking of which, go ahead and add us on myspace, facebook, and blogspot. Also, stay tuned for our website: coming soon!




Please join, support, and all else that implies!
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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Time:2:00 pm.
Alrighty, folks. As promised, pictures from the night I first met Amanda Palmer. It took forever because 1) we didn't have DSL, so I couldn't upload the pictures online. 2) I had to rotate most of them.

But here they are. A few at least. There are 300+, so I only posted the ones I thought stood out. If you want to see all of them, you may cruise through my account.


Hi, my name's AmandaCollapse )

End. ♥
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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Time:1:46 pm.
This blog begins with Sunday night.

The first night I've ever been to a goth club...which was...no less than an interesting experience. Most of you who read this know me pretty well, and know that I am not against that crowd at all (c'mon, I had my phase and know all about the coolness of death and black and masochism), but dude. It was crazy. There I am, in my khakis and converse, not looking like a total douche, but certainly didn't match the criteria that is necessary for being in that crowd.

In other words, I totally forgot my to put in my corset piercing loops and my 8 inch platform Mary Janes and my vampire teeth. Silly me!

So I'm there, by myself, really. Feeling safe, I mean, c'mon...I feel more safe at a place like that than a 'bump and grind' club. So I wander around, sit down, stand up, walk over here, walk over there, smoke a cigarette so I'd be doing SOMETHING with my hands, and watch most of Volaire's set. I have a conversation with a 60 year old about how Keds are cooler than Converse, and how much this guy "sucked" and how he wanted to "bash his guitar over his head".

I leave after I made sure Voltaire mentioned Amanda, walk to my car, and begin to pull out onto Broadway....I'm going about 10 mph, of course, because I'm turning right and I want to make sure I'm going the right way. I'm very aware of my surroundings, and see a dark figure walking towards my car. Not towards, but in the direction of...

Who else but Amanda Palmer, right? Of course. There she is....6 feet away from me, yawning. At almost 1am, walking down Broadway...by herself. Seriously? Yes.

I flip. I'm like, "what the fuck do I DO!?"...Do I turn around and chase her with my car just do I can yell out "Happy Birthday!"...hell no, I will look like a freaky stalker type, and nobody wants that.

So I keep driving. All the while making odd noises like, "mmmmmygodd" and "whaaaaaaat???" - Holly, you know. Speaking of Holly, I called her. I had to, and left a message. She called me back and shared a moment of excitement with me, which was needed and alot of fun. I call Matthew, because...duh. Leave a spastic message, and continue on home confused as hell and trying to convince myself it wasn't just my eyes playing tricks on me.

Fast forward to the next day. So I sleep in...NOT. My brain and extreme sunlight that pours through my window every morning woke me up at 8 on the dot...I get up, dye my hair, take a shower, put on a kickbooty outfit (because I'm going to meet Amanda Palmer..doy), drive to Nashville to make sure they aren't preselling tickets, eat my favorite salad in the world at the greatest little lunchery in Nashville, go back to Franklin and get my hair cut. Only 15 bucks including tip...and it's a spiffy do. I blurve it.

They open doors at 7, gotta get there at 5:30ish to stand in line with the hot blazing sun on my face and layered clothings. Beforehand, I sit at our 200 year old grand (which I'm making a pact to play every day, even if it's just walking by and busting out 4 notes) and play a bit from my Dresden Dolls Companion. I find out that I suck more than I thought, and decide to leave for Nashville again.

I get there, I'm like, number 10 in line, which isn't bad at all. I strike up conversation with the girls around me, who are from KY. I wait for Holly to arrive. She does. Nice Dolls fan lets her cut in front of him to join me. We like this man. His name is Robert. They open the doors. Who is the first person in my line of vision after the big huge bouncer man? Amanda. She's bent over at the merch table, writing something. I decide to continue past and make my way to the stage room. God bless it, I'm going to meet Amanda after she's played an entire set and is sweaty and passion ridden and ready for booze.

I think "oh, I'll sit for the show"...oh NOT. Holly is standing in front of where the keyboard will be. Eff that. I'm going to stand there too. So Holly and I get the best standing spots in the house, 4 feet away from miss Palmer and the cute keyboard player of the opening band.

Speaking of which, was De Novo Dahl (I hope I spelled all that right, and yes, I know what it means). There were all walking around in their gorgeous pseudo matching suits, and the cute keyboardist catches my eye. He smiles, I smile, aw, cute. They go up on stage, the music starts....GREAT. I should've bought the cd afterwards, but I was so effing high after meeting Amanda that I forgot (sorry guys...I will next I see you). In any case, the entire set, Mr. Keyboard (whose name I later learn is Arlo Hall), since I'm in his line of vision, keeps looking at me and flashing smiles and winks. I'm dancing, Holly's taking pictures, and we're having a blast. I can't get their songs out of my head.

A special performance was in store after they opened...2 pole dancers from St. Louis did a routine. It was...stupefying. I can't WAIT until my internet is working and I can upload the gosh darned pictures that Holly took!!!! B LAHHH.

After the guys cat call and the girls are jealous, Amanda makes her way to her piano. I get all frozened.

She begins with Ampersand. Again, must I remind you that I am 4 feet away from her? Holly begins what will be an epic venture into picture taking. Over 200 pictures, I tell you. Good grief, what would I do with her?

I can't even explain the magic that happens when Amanda plays. Something about the passion that pours from her fingers and into the speakers. She plays with her entire BODY. If you haven't seen her live, you haven't seen her at all. She's a force to be reckoned with. There was a pinata, a drunk man, questions, birthday cake, a David Lee Roth impersonation, and beer. Her ending song was Half Jack. Cue the first round of tears for yours truly. I couldn't help it.

She bids goodnight and goes backstage. I'm a little stunned and can't move. I wait until the crowd dissapates. I find out that Amanda is out in the 'smoking area'...I see her hitting her pinata, which was adorable. Holly wasn't available to take pictures, she was....standing somewhere for some reason. hah. In any case, I'm standing right next to cute boy McCasio, who is sitting on a brick wall. Thanks to his water bottle falling on my foot, we get a little conversation going. He mentions me and Holly dancing (because we were like the only ones who were, besides the idiot drunk and a few 'swayers'), and asks if we came to see Amanda. It ends with an adorable smile and with the stupid bouncer announcing that everybody with black X's needs to leave pronto.

Oh Noes! I haven't said my peace with Amanda!!! You can't kick me out! VENGENCE WILL BE MINE!!!!

I finally get close enough to Amanda to have my moment with her. I am...overwhelmed, and it takes a little bit to get me to say anything...and once I did, I am speaking so quietly, she has to lean in to hear me. She looked at me right in the eyes, and put her hand on my arm as if to support me.

I give her my envelope and inform her that it is a 10 page letter and a painting. She looks a bit surprised, but thanks me anyhow. Then I have her sign the other side of my wallet (I also wanted to have my book and pony signed..but didn't have enought time!!). Holly announces to Amanda that she wants to take a picture of the two of us (all the while, she had been...Oh, Holly...how I love thee), so Amanda and I lean in for a smile shot. I look at her, quietly, I think she could tell that this was a big deal for me and that I very much love her.

She leaned in and gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek I think I will ever receive. I can't even recreate the look on her face afterwards, it was so surreal and peaceful. Just...beautiful. I was overcome with a wave of joy.

I say something stupid about Michael Pope...and she tells me not to sleep with him. "Okay, Amanda!". Then we leave. I am walking sort of slowly, as if I had just walked away from a car accident and haven't gathered all of my thoughts together. I suddenly start to cry. Like...stupid girly crying. I can still hear and see her through the gates, and breathe in deeply. Holly's always good about reminding me to just 'take it in'.

We get into my car. I can only say things like "she's amazing, that was amazing. amazing night. amazing amazing amazing". Holly and I hug twice, I drive her to her car, and make my way to the interstate.

Holy crap, ya'll. I just met Amanda Palmer for the first time. My idol and all things beautiful. The one person I've been wanting to meet for the past 4 years.

Needless to say, I slept well that night, reliving the moments of Monday night. I will NEVER forget such a beautiful evening.

- Chelsea
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Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Time:1:20 pm.
I'd been keeping tabs on the fact that HUMANWINE was going to be coming to Nashville with Brian Viglione (of The Dresden Dolls) as their drummer...not just any drummer...this is VIG we're talking about...the man is simply the BEST as far as beating things with sticks is concerned. So OF COURSE I wanted to see my musical hero in action, and maybe get the chance to meet the bloke.

The only catch was, the show was advertised as 21+. Still, I was going to go anyway just in case. Holly went with me, which was awesome, I had my own personal photographer by my side! So we get to the guy at the front and I'm ready to put on the charm to get my way in, but he informs us that it's 18+!!! My knees buckled with sheer joy, and we made our way up to Mercy Lounge.

We got their early, to our surprise. The 2 opening bands hadn't even started yet. So we sit in anticipation, I'm just going nuts over the fact that I'm about to see BRIAN PLAY...in person...live...you know. Wow.

The first opener goes up, they were...eh. Not fantastic. But while they were playing, a kid in a hoodie comes out from backstage. I see it's Brian V. Holy shiate. He makes his way over to a pole nearby myself and leans against it to listen to a song. At the end, he cheers, and makes his way backstage, all the while brushing my foot a tad in the process (sigh!)

The second band goes up, they weren't great either, but after they finished, HUMANWINE was going to make their prescence known on the stage. The musicians, including Brian, set up their instruments, check everything, all systems go. Holly and I get out of our seats to get closer to the stage, leaving our purses behind, camera in tow.

The first song starts...the first beat on that drum and my heart vibrated with excitement. From then on, it was just uphill. I danced to the beat, all the while making myself look like a fool, but that music was utterly perfect. Everything about the concert was ART and beautiful melody and the beat...that BEAT! Brian is a monster! Watching his face and hearing his precision just freaks me out.

The show ends, Brian with his shirt off, he's standing off the stage, talking to a fan...after they walk away, I make my way up to him (it was easy to do, there weren't many people there) to say hello. I introduce myself and tell him how much of a Dolls fan I am, and he gave me the biggest hug I think I've ever gotten. He looked me square in the eye, which was memorable. He was the type of fellow that would've talked to me all night if we could. I seriously believe that. I asked him if he would sign my wallet. He did, which was AWESOME. I need to get it...lamenated, or something.

I told him how I worked with Zea and Michael Pope and all these people, and it was just a fantastic little moment that made my day just...perfect. We took 2 pictures together, and all in all, I had the best night of my life. Meeting Brian couldn't have been more of a pleasurable experience...unless, of course...we fornicated...but that's a whole different story. ♥

pictures from the evening! LOTSCollapse )
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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Time:11:39 pm.
Post a secret.

A funny one, a serious one, a happy one, a sad one, a family recipe...anything. Comment as many times as you'd like, with as many secrets as you'd like, just so long as you do it anonymously. It's nice to know you're not alone. I'll contribute too, and I'll put links elseqwhere so that those who don't have LiveJournal can contribute. It's a good way to release a secret.

These can be toward absolutely anyone/anything. Have fun. ♥

p.s. the word "you" is not directed toward me. If you are directing it toward me, say my name. :]
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Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Subject:Silver Screen Trade Post
Time:5:10 pm.
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Cards I'm trading/might tradeCollapse )
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Subject:Silver Screen Mastered Sets
Time:4:37 pm.
bloody brilliant!

Subject:Silver Screen Main Post
Time:4:36 pm.

Main Post/cards I'm collecting/keepingCollapse )
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Time:4:35 pm.
made by kimcallea
Comment to be added or Voldemort will eat you.
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